My name is Tracie Barton-Barrett, and I’m an author, educator, speaker and animal devotee. As the founder of Animals Connect Us, I am available for workshops, group or organization presentations on companion animal loss, as well as the human-animal bond.

An ultimately uplifting novel to celebrate our animals and honor their memory…(Please click on “Buy on Amazon” button at bottom of cover)

Some reviews for Buried Deep in Our Hearts:

“I just had to send you a note this morning to tell you that when I started reading your novel, by the time I reached page 17 I had connected thoroughly!  And smiled.” ~Cheryl Moore

“In her novel that reads like a memoir, Barton-Barrett tells a story of caring, compassion, and commitment that will touch the heart of anyone who has ever loved or owned or merely known a loving, loyal furry family member.” 
~Padgett Gerler, author of The Gifts of Pelican Isle and What Does Love Sounds Like?

“A wonderfully crafted story that draws you in and keeps you hooked until the beautiful ending. Whether you are a pet   lover or not you’ll love this book.”~Peggy Supinski

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When I was a young girl, I used to walk a Sheltie named Tally who lived in the neighborhood. Through this connection, I met Bob and Sue Nowak and their two daughters, who welcomed me into their family with open arms. Lifelong friendships developed, and it is because of Tally and the Nowaks that Animals Connect Us was founded.